Folding bike Brompton H6L/Ti

Производитель: Brompton
Артикул: H6L/Ti
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Inner tube Schwalbe 16"/18"  
Производитель: Schwalbe
Артикул: AV4
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Front carrier block  
Производитель: Brompton
Артикул: QFCBA
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Bike Cover with integrated pouch  
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Brompton Toolkit  
Производитель: Brompton
В наличии: 3 шт.
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Made for speed, the Brompton Superlight features a titanium front fork, rear frame and other lightweight components making this range up to 1kg lighter than the all-steel Brompton. With the Superlight range it’s easier than ever to jump in and out of trains and take your Brompton up flights of stairs. All this, whilst keeping our promise in delivering a compact fold that can be tucked away neatly at home, under a desk, or in the corner of your local coffee shop.

Enjoy high quality performance and excellent portability; The Superlight H6L in different holds a good multi-gear 6-speed) set up for a variety of flat and occasional hilly riding. The H-type handlebar supporting a more upright riding style, great if you enjoy riding while enjoying scenic views, while the included mudguards are a perfect option if you live in a region that rains. This model in matte Black is a great choice for a smoother ride.

Type: H - 1072 mm
Transmission: 6
Frame: Super light
Wheels: 16"
Rims: Double
Brake: Pincers
Transmission: Sturmey Archer
Size: 585х545х270 mm
Weight: 11,1 kg

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